Walking together in the name of social justice

Join our walk to London on 1st September 2016

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Supporters of WalkTheTalk are once again heading to London, starting in Leicester on the 1st September 2016. This year's theme focuses on Homelessness and Poverty and the Psychological impact and financial impact of the Banking Crisis and the impact this has on society as a whole.

Many thanks to James who has spent time organising this walk (including walking it's full length once already to make sure it's a good route!)


Day 1 (01/09/2016):

From Leicester, Jubilee Square to London, Trafalgar Square via the Grand Central Canal
Set off between 10am and 11am
Destination: Foxton Locks 18 miles

Day 2 (02/09/2016):

Set off from Foxton Locks after Breakfast at first light to either Crick or Norton Junction dependant on progress
To Crick:18 miles, To Norton Junction: 23 miles

Day 3 (03/09/2016):

Norton Junction to Stoke Bruerne: Approx 20 miles

Day 4 (04/09/2016):

Stoke Bruerne to Milton Keynes: 12 - 15 miles

Day 5 (05/09/2016):

Milton Keynes to Leighton Buzzard : 12 - 15 miles

Day 6 (06/09/2016):

Leighton Buzzard to Marsworth Locks 15 - 18 miles

Day 7 (07/09/2016):

Marsworth Locks to Kings Langley: 20 miles

Day 8 (08/09/2016):

Kings Langley to Watford : 10 miles

It will be up to the group then if we want to get the overground into London Euston and walk to Trafalgar Square which I would suggest as we will have done 112 miles by this point and it is then only another 2-3 miles from Euston to Trafalgar Square. On arrival we will be holding a four day vigil for all homeless people and those who are at threat from homelessness for four days on the 13/9/16 we will march to Parliament Square and a press conference will be held for the launch of the Homeless Party.

This years Walk The Talk will be led by James McLean of The Leicester Homelessness Council and the Homeless Not Worthless campaign for social justice for all homeless people across the UK. The walk will be from Leicester's £4 million Jubillee Square at St Nicholas Place to London's Trafalgar Square going via the Grand Union Canal and stopping off at a number of towns and cities along the way including Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard and Hemel Hempstead. The aims of the walk are to highlight the plight of the UK homeless and the continuing cuts to homeless services across the country. This follows last years walk led by Dr Steven Weatherhead which was to highlight the psychological impact of austerity policies on benefit claimants and mental health professionals's concerns about the impact these were having on their clients. This years walk will be over 9 days from 11am on the 1st of September to 3pm on the 9th of September after which a 4 day vigil will be held on Trafalgar Square for all homeless people who have sadly lost their lives on the streets of the UK this year.

Walk The Talk 2016 : A quest for social justice

You can contact James on Twitter via @lastnailstandin, on email at jamesmclean1978x2@yahoo.ie or by phone on 07763765891



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There is a momentum growing amongst psychologists who are pressing for social inequalities to be addressed. Here is a statement produced by clinical & health psychologists, calling on policy makers to address the impact social inequalities have on mental health...

The Walk

100 miles - BPS Leicester to BPS London
5 days - 17th to 21st August 2015

3 causes - The benefits system / homelessness / Food poverty

Join us to walk from Leicester to London to raise awareness of social policies that are leading to psychological distress.

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