Walking together in the name of social justice


Phillipa & Mark at Mind Dunstable on homelessness and benefit sanctions

Phillipa and Mark discuss their own experiences and those of their friends in dealing with the issues of homelessness and the impact that benefit sanctions have on their lives

James at the Hope4 centre

James talks about his personal experience of homelessness and the challenges that people face

Tracy & Mark at Mind Dunstable

Tracy and Mark talk about the impact of benefit sanctions

Lillian talks about the work of the Hope4 centre in Rugby

Lillian, who volunteers that he Hope4 centre in Rugy, tells us about her experiences and the people she sees

Phillipa at Mind Dunstable talks about homelessness and the bedroom tax

Phillipa tells us about how people are prevented from helping homeless people, the impact of the bedroom tax, and what she sees for herself in the future.

Dennis at Wordsworth talks about housing, applying for benefits, and using job centres

Dennis gave us some real insight into the experience and treatment of people who are looking for work and the impact of the current methods of assessment for benefits - sadly it isn't very positive.

Teresa at Camden Mind on the impact of Government cuts to mental health services

Teresa tells us about the impact that cuts have had on the ability of people to access vital mental health services and why these are so important.

A volunteer's experience at MK Foodbank

Carl explains his experience of volunteering at MK Foodbank and the incorrect perceptions that society holds about young people who are out of work.

John describes the work of MK Foodbank

John, Project Manager, explains the role of MK Foodbank and how recent years have seen a huge increase in the need for their services.

Kenny comments on benefit sanctions and Government policy

Kenny talks to us outside the Dawn Centre in Leicester about his experiences of benefits sanctions and the impact of current social policy

Testimony from Daniel at the Dawn Centre, Leicester

Daniel describes his background, how he came to be at the Dawn Centre in Leicester and his views on the services they provide.

Testimony from our walkers

Before setting off to walk from Leicester to London some of the participants gathered outside the BPS offices gave their views to Emma Friedmann on the reasons why WalkTheTalk2015 was important.

Video of our BBC Radio Leicester interview

Ste and Tammy talk to BBC Radio Leicester about the Dawn Centre and the aims of WalkTheTalk2015


There is a momentum growing amongst psychologists who are pressing for social inequalities to be addressed. Here is a statement produced by clinical & health psychologists, calling on policy makers to address the impact social inequalities have on mental health...

The Walk

100 miles - BPS Leicester to BPS London
5 days - 17th to 21st August 2015

3 causes - The benefits system / homelessness / Food poverty

Join us to walk from Leicester to London to raise awareness of social policies that are leading to psychological distress.

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