Forget That Excuse

If you tell a child that he is stupid over and over again, soon he will believe it or live up to that statement, even if it is very far from the truth. The power of the mind is incredible. In fact, some research actually suggests that our perceptions in life have the power to take a higher value than our genetic inheritance does. In certain instances, research shows that you have the power to change your genetics. So, get rid of all the excuses you might have that are inhibiting you from moving forward.

If you have a reason that something disables you to move forward, it is an excuse, even if the diagnosis/genetic issue/etc. is legitimate and true. Knowing that you have the power to change some things can help you move forward.

The most common self-diagnosed excuse I hear from people is “I can’t focus, I am ADHD.” Half of the people I talk to who “have” ADHD were never even really diagnosed with this. This continual type of self-talk minimizes their ability to engage in something and advance in a particular area.

For those people that are diagnosed with ADHD, I tell them to pretend that they don’t have it. If you are required to take medication, don’t stop. That is not what this is about. The point is, don’t use your diagnosis as an excuse to not do something, especially something that could move you forward in life. Don’t let a diagnosis ruin all the things you can have in life.

For example, instead of saying “I can’t focus on my morning routine because I have ADHD,” try something like, “I am struggling to focus on my morning routine. What plan can I come up with to fix this?” Then, implement this plan. Perhaps you can write out a checklist and put it up in the bathroom for you to visually see each morning. This will help your mind not to get in the habit of creating excuses. Often when we use an excuse in one area of life, we use it in multiple areas. Don’t brain wash yourself with reasons why you can’t do things.

Here is another example: Perhaps you have severe leg pain and can’t work out. Instead of hitting the gym for 60 minutes running, try sitting on your couch and using light weights to tone your upper body. As we have discussed in the past, do not think in all black or white. Find a way to make things happen.

Your treatment might be medical, but please note, that in any case, treatment includes the power of the mind, too. Positivity and a strong mindset to move forward might not heal you completely, but it will certainly change your perception on what life is and generate happiness and progress.

Everyone is facing some issue, some inhibitor, some diagnosis, some pain, some excuse. Instead of letting these issues hinder our ability to move forward, let them empower us. If you have been diagnosed with any disorder, psychological or medical, be empowered that you have the information on what is troubling you and now create a plan and engage in treatment. Don’t let this become a reason why you can’t do things in life that make you happy or move you forward. You may have extra steps to take, you may have a longer journey than most, you may not be able to do everything you used to do, but don’t let a diagnosis stop you from moving forward or being fulfilled.

This week’s challenge is for you to identify 3 excuses that you use when it comes to completing certain activities or projects. How do these excuses impact your mood and overall happiness? How have these excuses held you back in certain areas of your life?

This week do not use ANY 3 of these excuses for any reason. (Again, you might have physical/mental pain, lack of focus, depression, etc. These are a real pains and concerns, but your challenge is to not allow yourself to use these issues as a reason to not move forward. Instead acknowledge the issue, and design a plan on how you can still engage, live or move forward in some manner.)